Saturday, October 3, 2015

Thank you, sleep paralysis!

    I was having a very run of the mill dream, in the sense that it involved a mysteriously huge college campus apparently designed by M.C.Escher working closely with Rube Goldberg. This time, it was ostensibly the University of South Carolina, or some random other college where the student union is also called the Russell House. This time, though, the Russell House was maybe ten stories high, and Rube and M.C. made it very hard to reach. I was climbing up and down untold numbers of brick stairs without getting any closer, then there was some sort of dealio with an escalator, from which I had to slide down for some reason onto some kind of extendable seat from which I would have to jump. And I was trying, trying, trying to slide down and couldn't understand why I couldn't, since it didn't seem like anything I would actually be afraid of. Eventually, the internal contradictions of the dream just woke me up, and I was SO relieved I hadn't succeeded at sliding off of anything. It was also a relief when I woke up that I wasn't particularly close to the edge of anything.
    Earlier, I dreamed of cats very like my own, though I think I switched around the coloring. I made the tabby into the huge one. He or she destroyed some article of cat furniture by climbing on it. In real life, while Amelia the calico is fairly huge, she hasn't actually destroyed anything except for sweaters, and those by claw rather than heft.
    The storm has been very serious in parts of South Carolina, but hasn't been much of a problem here. I haven't checked whether the banana crisis has continued, but things are so zen I just might. (No, seriously, I need something else; I wouldn't really go out just to look at the banana selection. I don't think.)
    In icky news, it is not squirrels that Harry is killing (he's up to two in two or three days and three overall) but the neighbor's rabbits. I'm sad at the thought that they might be pets and wish I could do something, but I can't keep him in and I've already put a bell on him. Cow bell maybe?

Friday, October 2, 2015

Apocalypse later

    So the rains are still coming, but so far it's just been variations of the same mist we've had nearly constantly for a week or more. Is heavy mist even possible? If it is, that's what we're getting. However, we are assured that in mere hours we will undergo the beginning of an historic rainfall event (forgot the "fall" part before), which I'm totally not going to make fun of because a) rain is way easier to forecast than is snow and b) like I said, I can always make fun of it later if it turns out wrong.
    I was childishly amused by the odd things that were sold out at Publix. Mind you I'm not much for checking the bread or milk sections; presumably they were all gone or low. But bananas? Frozen okra? Dammit, in a weather crisis, you have to have priorities! (That said, I did buy the last two loose bananas, which I probably wouldn't have done without the herd instinct promptings.)
    So bye everybody! It's been fun! Sorry that it's over! Really wish I'd bought that inflatable kayak! Wonder if the Amazon distribution center has any? Maybe I should ask. I could go into the gondola business!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Apocalypse and how!

    There's major instability coming from the Gulf and Hurricane Joaquin coming from the Atlantic, so we're hearing forecasts of a (or an) historic rain event. A week from now, I hope to point out that we have had many such forecasts and they never seem to happen, but for the moment, I'm not doing anything to piss Ma Nature off. Jim Cantore is in Charleston; this is quite worrying enough. If I owned a business with a marquee sign, I'd put up, "We love Jim Cantore! But welcome? No I don't think so."
    The toy organ fits on my breakfast tray (just don't ask why I have a breakfast tray), so I may be able to interest the cats in it, I mean before the power goes out and the house washes away. Anyway, I'll look pretty funny sitting on the floor like Schroeder playing my little keyboard. It is so easy to amuse me.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Do dreams come true?

    Last night I swear to you I dreamed that I wrote a captivating blog entry. Now if only I had taken notes.
    Let's see, captivating but not in a good way: Harry the cat stayed out all night, killed a squirrel in the yard and spent the morning eating it. His stay as favorite cat was very, very brief indeed. (Well, he had been purring like all get out earlier.)
    Moderately captivating for the nostalgia crowd: I got a '60s Estey toy organ from Goodwill for $6 today. It is crazy stupid fun, although since it won't work on the carpet, I don't anticipate getting either cat to play with it. But it's a delightful throwback to childhood; we had one similar, if more broken, when I was little.
    Captivating to my siblings, I bet: the lawyer called and has gotten over the idea that anyone needs to sign anything much of anything except for me. This certainly hastens the closing process wonderfully. Yay!
    Captivating to me only, I bet: The other week when I boneheadedly removed all my pictures from the folders they had been in (which identify the date they were uploaded), I figured it was no problem since I could just sort by date. However, I completely forgot that the camera on the drone was unclear on the concept of dates and dated everything the same. So the non-drone pictures can be sorted easily enough. But the drone pics (more than half of the total, and the ones that need sorting the most) cannot. Have I mentioned lately that I'm a genius?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sleep solves all problems

    I have been concerned for all the four years that I have been host of Columbia Drinking Liberally that my choice of venue affects the chronically low turnout. Anyway, my choice of venue is something that I can control; my obviously obnoxious personality not so much. Last night, I dreamed that there was a massive bar in the back of Shoney's. (For persons not from the southeastern United States, Shoney's is a not spectacularly good chain restaurant, once connected with the Big Boy uh, franchise maybe, but no longer.) I immediately said, "I've found my venue!" It is a good reflection on my subconscious mind that I was pleased that there were a lot of black people there. Also how my waking mind feels.
    Meanwhile in real life, they are cleaning up Olympia Avenue astonishingly. This is only odd in that the football team has already had two home games and they didn't do it then; this week they're in Missouri and they do it now. On the other hand, the State Fair is coming up in two weeks, so there's that. I am especially pleased that they are clearing out an almost impassable thicket on the inside curve, where one REALLY needs to be able to walk since cars invariably drive in the bike lane to avoid slowing down for the curve. I can't help but think that some senator's daughter complained to daddy after almost getting run down on the way to last Saturday's game, but clearly I'm romancing. Anyway, it's great to have the way cleared for whatever reason; I've only lived hear 6 years and this is the first time.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The meaning of precipitation

    Lately, we've been having misting rain almost constantly. This is not my favorite but it does not bother me per se except very slightly intellectually. It seems like for this quantity of mist (i.e., you need your windshield wipers, sometimes on the medium setting) it ought to be foggy. And it just isn't. As ever, I totally get that this is of no significance, but it bothers me very very slightly.
    Yesterday, the weather kept me from taking my walk, or anyway I didn't bother. Today I took my walk and went Oh. When the relative humidity reaches a certain level, the moisture precipitates. (Hence the name.) Thus, it isn't fog we're walking or driving through; the air is just that freakin' wet. I was carrying an umbrella and it was still misting on me under the umbrella. Nuff said or too much; sorry for this kindergarten lesson. It was mainly just for me. As I keep saying, I'll be ready to learn finger-painting any day now!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dead toy dog much less sad

    I've been finding amazing toys at thrift stores for practically no money for a long time. This includes a stuffed Wakko Warner (if you don't know, for god's sake don't ask) for 50 cents the other day, a cool toy robot for 75 cents some weeks ago, assorted toy cars that leave the kitties totally cold, a wooden model of a dinosaur, and, today, a robot dog. Apparently, Tekno the robot puppy was a huge seller in 1999. If you can find one that works for longer than ten seconds, I recommend it in the strongest terms. Unfortunately, this one isn't that. It ate one set of Duracells which I believed to be new. Still, they had been in a device (if unused) for months, so I went out for another set. Another ten seconds later, Tekno was again silent and still. Boy were those 20 seconds fun, but still I don't think I'm going to be fooled a third time. Mind you, when I looked Tekno up online, I saw that battery life wouldn't be long. But the minimum time they were talking about was two hours, not ten seconds. Still cute, though.
    One of the many themes I've picked up in my years of blogging and probably also in my years of non-blogging is that when I dream, it's a nightmare if it says it's a nightmare. I dreamed last night that the power windows in my car wouldn't go down. In real life when the reverse happened (went down, wouldn't go up), I just got on the phone, found a dealership that could work me in immediately, and drove there to get it fixed. But in the dream, man, this is a disaster! Even in my sleep, I think I was going "that doesn't make any sense" at least a little. Or so I like to think.