Monday, September 15, 2014

This time, MY heart attack

    Got a perfect wrong number call. Normally when somebody calls, they ask for someone, then identify themselves. This lady did it the opposite way around. So I get a call saying "This is (somebody) from the Surgical Center..." and practically had my own heart attack. Then it turned out she was trying to find somebody named Hazel, and that it wasn't a wrong number, just the wrong year. I didn't explain to her why I was so happy to be getting a wrong number call, though I suppose I should have. I was too relieved to think straight.
    I'm getting to be a broken record, aren't I? Dad is still doing OK, we still don't know what's going on or what is planned. He's been there for a week now; I'm hoping to hear something soon. He's back on solid foods at least, but as I said yesterday, has a major belching problem. However, when we visited yesterday, he fell asleep on a very exciting football game, so at least the belching relented enough to let him drop off.
    This is another dialysis day, so we're fairly unlikely to visit. Hopefully we reach some resolution in the fairly soon.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cardiac kids

    Yesterday afternoon's football game became yesterday evening's football game due to very threatening weather that turned out to be a little lightning and a little rain. This eliminated any chance I had of visiting Dad again, but it was an electrifying game. Too much so, in fact. I wound up thinking that strictly speaking he's a cardiac patient and maybe watching such a game isn't good for him. Naw, just kidding. It would be funny though if the USC Gamecocks started adding a warning for cardiac patients to their broadcasts. (Oh yeah-- we won.)
    We're hoping for a lengthy visit today. I already called and checked; they don't do dialysis on Sundays except for in emergency cases, and he certainly isn't. Margaret talked to him; apparently he's still burping like crazy. Still better than throwing up, though. Hopefully, getting the gallstones out of the way will help with the burping. Hopefully. We still haven't heard anything about any procedure being scheduled. Puzzling.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

He sounded so good I just wanted to reach out and hug him

    That'll be the quote of the year. It was actually the other day, the first time we had difficulty making it to visit Dad. Margaret talked to him on the phone, though, and obviously was pleased at how he sounded.
    Visiting difficulties continue. This is a home football game day so my neighborhood is overrun by 80,000 people. I did go by this morning, early, but he was sleeping soundly and no amount of heys and his were getting him awake. He did look very good and very well, though.
    Margaret suggested she would drive herself to the hospital or ask my brother to take her, which would be great for all concerned. It's a fairly early game, so at least he'll be occupied from 3 to 7 or so regardless of whether anyone comes to visit. Hey, Gamecocks, give us a win! We need it for my Dad's morale!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Nothing by mouth

    Yesterday wasn't the best for Dad. He had a CAT scan, so he was under a nothing by mouth order all day. After the scan, they forgot to lift it, so when I got there in the evening he still hadn't had anything. They said they would send a nurse to talk to us.
    It was a shift change so the nurse talked to us a little and to the new nurse a lot. It appears that they think he has gallstones. Anyway, they promised that his food was coming; the nothing by mouth order hadn't been lifted until after the kitchen had closed. So the administrator had to go get his food, I think is what they said, though it makes no sense.
    Today as predicted he is in dialysis again. I think they're trying to schedule a gallstone procedure around his dialysis and the weekend. So I'm afraid he's going to stay bored and underfed for a while. Sucks, sucks, sucks. But at least he's safe and well.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


    Last night's visit was fairly brief because Dad was in dialysis, or at least waiting to be brought back from dialysis, forever. (He measured it as four hours of dialysis and two of waiting, but it may have been longer.) They brought him food, again the liquid diet, but at least it placated him. Somebody left a portable defibrillator in the room. This went Bebeep! Bebeep! pretty loudly four times every two minutes. So I got somebody to come take it away. It didn't bother the hearing-impaired ones too much and it mainly amused me, but still. Dad has a pacemaker, so it was pretty definitely needed more somewhere else anyway.
    After Jeopardy, I went looking for something else for him to watch, as I thought Obama was coming on at 8 (I was wrong, but it doesn't matter particularly; there wasn't anything they wanted to see at that hour anyway.) I found a rerun of the Ole Miss-Vanderbilt game from last Saturday and a live major league baseball game, so I put on the latter. Dad said, "I like football better than baseball," so I put on the rerun. Well he hadn't seen it, so it wasn't all that crazy. Kinda weird from my point of view though. Then again, I like baseball.
    We have no idea how long he'll be in the hospital. Nobody has even said anything further about what might be wrong with him, at least not to me and not to him. He's bored and just wants to go home. Today, Margaret absolutely has to do her taxes, so she may not be able to go visit, and tomorrow he's likely to have dialysis again. So I'm afraid he's going to stay bored. But at least he's feeling well, so yay!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Look away, look away

    We got to visit with Dad yesterday evening. I think he was glad to see us. I had gone to see the Carolina Jazz Society's monthly concert, something he used to do in the '70s, and I taped a bit using the voice recorder on the phone. I played him a bit, mentioning that they did an all Dixieland show (which was always his favorite kind of jazz). And Margaret seized on Dixieland and started singing Dixie. So they sang Dixie (I taped that, too) and a bunch of other songs and Dixie again. It was all very, very sweet.
    He was also in a better mood because they finally brought him food, of sorts. Chicken broth, apple juice, iced tea, lemon jello. At least he couldn't complain that the vegetables were undercooked. He ate it, and was grumpy when a tech came to give him an echocardiogram, so I guess he liked it. And he kept it down, so yay.
    Not a very updaty update today either, since he's in dialysis. Hopefully he'll be out in due course and we can visit again. Look away, Dixieland.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Not very updaty update

    If you missed the update to yesterday's post, Dad's stomach troubles turned out to be a possible heart attack, or possibly gall bladder troubles. So he's been having gall bladder tests all day. These take him out of his room, so we haven't been able to visit successfully so far.
    The goodish news part is that it also may not have been a heart attack. He showed high levels of some substance that is associated with heart attacks, but it's also associated with dialysis. So hopefully, no heart attack.

Updatier update (I may have to use that tomorrow, too): We got to visit him and he was in very good spirits, singing to Margaret a lot. And they finally fed him, even if it was only liquids and jello. When I left to get my own supper, he was about to have an echocardiogram, but at least they could do that in the room.