Friday, November 28, 2014

College gets easy

    I've mentioned and others have mentioned the often-seen dream where you're back in college and it's finals time and you completely forgot to drop a class that you never attended and OMG! And I've noted that recently my college-type dreams have gotten a lot more warm and friendly. Last night's entered a new realm, however. I was getting a little stressed about my classes and somebody (official) told me that it was no problem, all I had to do was keep a count of how much time I spent in the library. A few hours per day would be enough to ensure good grades, regardless of my actual class performance or grasp of the material.
    Now things in real life are getting pretty damn bad when your stress dreams are taking a stand and trying to help you chill out. I admit that I was rather delighted. Also I was in school with a lot of my Facebook friends (a lot of whom of course were people I was really in school with decades back) which was also fun.
    The family got together at Pizzeria Uno for a late lunch, early dinner. Grand-niece Mia had had enormous fun at EdVenture children's museum, so she was quite well-behaved and even smiled for a picture. (The other 95 or so pictures were also cute.) A lovely time was had by all.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A sweet Thanksgiving

    Well I for one was a little anxious about how Thanksgiving would go, because we couldn't bring Dad to Margaret's family's gathering without an ambulance, or rather two, one coming and one going. So that wasn't too workable. And we all wanted to go, but we none of us wanted to leave Dad alone on Thanksgiving. A quandary.
    As luck turned out, all planning was thrown off by a toddler having tantrums. My brother Malcolm was with Dad waiting on my sister Anne, who was waiting on her son James, his wife Cristina and especially their two-year-old Mia. This left all of them hungry except for Mia, but Dad was never left alone. When Anne arrived at Lowman Home, Malcolm joined us for Thanksgiving food and fellowship; shortly afterwards, I joined Anne. When James and family arrived, they visited briefly, then I led them to Bunny's house. Anne found her way when Malcolm came back to sit with Dad. Everybody had a pretty fabulous time. Well, Dad would have preferred to have the staff put him back to bed, but I know he was delighted with both visits from Mia. And we got some cool pictures. So hey-- everything turned out well. It's good to have a Thanksgiving you can be thankful for!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Slave to habit

    I've noted before what a slave I am to force of habit. Still am. My front door no longer closes too well. In short, you don't need to use the doorknob to open it; you can just shove your way in, even if it's locked. No problem; I can just turn the deadbolt. However, six years of habit do not shake loose easily. I cannot get myself to remember not to bother to lock the bottom lock nor to lock the deadbolt. Ever. Not once. I'm sure I'll get used to it, or it will get warm again and the door will expand. No bets on which happens first.
    Surprisingly, Dad has dialysis today. Normally on holidays at the other facility, he and everyone else would get all their days rearranged to give staff a day off. I guess ambulance cases get priority because of the number of personnel involved. I wouldn't have guessed.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Turned out well, though

    By today, sister Anne was feeling enough better to visit with Dad, so she, brother Malcolm, Margaret and I made a very nice visit. Malcolm and Anne had gotten Dad a new TV, which they set up for him, miraculously just in time for "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" Then we found TCM and were captivated by "That's Entertainment" sequels, which everyone should go out of their way to see.
    All but Dad were joined by William at Lizard's Thicket, where we had a lengthy wait but then were pleasantly surprised by the much better than usual food. Well I wasn't, but I only order one thing (baked chicken, dark meat) and it's always good. But everybody else was. Other than that, due to grody weather, it wasn't such a great day. But hey! The cat's behaved. That counts as a miracle in my book every time!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Rotten stinking luck

    My sister Anne has been sick all month, so she couldn't come down to see Dad. (She, brother Malcolm, and her son James and his young family, all live in the Boston area.) As of Sunday, she thought she was getting better so she made her drive down. But unfortunately, she got worse instead, so now she's in town but can't see any of us for fear of passing it on to Dad, if not directly than through us. It's nothing serious, just a bad cold/flu type thing, but nothing to share with 94-year-olds. I'm sure it will clear up enough not to be contagious, and anyway there's such a thing as surgical masks. But it's just rotten stinking luck, and just not Thanksgivingy.
    I've been buying art and furniture. Cheap art and cheap furniture, of course, but still. It's almost like I've finally decided to move here after 6 years. Or like I've finally admitted that I won't ever be moving out with a girlfriend (since the place isn't big enough for two).

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dream movie

    Last night I had an ultra-weird dream even by my standards. Let's see if I can remember much of it. I was in the usual vast dormitory-like place. This time, though, my dad was there, too. Generally, it was a college dormitory, but apparently there was a nursing home attached. My dad had just been reassigned to a new room which was a leaky basement under a staircase. His bed was in a non-leaky section though, and they had sent along an extra mattress and box spring in case this set was uncomfortable.
    In real life, it was raining at the time, which might explain the rain in the dream. What I don't understand is why I kept hearing machinery noises; at approximately 6 on Sunday morning, there shouldn't have been any of that around. Anyway, in the dream, I had some extra sisters, all of whom were busily trying to get Dad into a private home.
    I wandered out to another room, where a movie was playing and I fell asleep. I thought I heard Robin Williams and identified the movie as "The Best of Times," a movie real John has never seen. Rapidly though it turned into a Richard Gere-Billy Crystal vehicle, wherein the two stars trade families and apparently communicate telepathically (even in Yiddish) with the new families. Even in the dream, this struck me as weird.
    There were a couple of strict old ladies, one of whom wrote me a bill for $7 for the movie. I was outraged, saying she should tear it up, that I was asleep during the movie. Then magically the movie turned into a meal. Stuffed flounder, I guess, but all I remember was the stuffing, which was all crabmeat and shrimp. Delicious! Suddenly I wasn't mad anymore and thought that they should charge me more, but for the seafood (which was still somehow part of the movie) and not the Richard Gere part.
    I hardly ever get to eat in a dream and it's hardly ever good if I do. The last time I remember doing so it was a gluten-inflected dream where I was eating pizza and then remembered that I can't. I don't remember any good dreams about food. Moreover, when I woke up, I badly needed the bathroom. I had been wishing that my brain could come up with some other approaches to waking me up in that situation other than having me dream about looking endlessly for urinals. If this is that solution, I hereby embrace it.
    Also also, in real life 35 years ago, Andy Durham and I and the daughters of the families we were staying with in Mulhouse, Alsace, France went to see "Days of Heaven" (Les Moissons du Ciel, or something like that) with Richard Gere. Can't speak for the girls, but Andy and I snored through it. Just a coincidence, no doubt.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Must be the comfort zone

    I got nothing, I'll admit it. However, I have been puzzled the last couple of days by wondrous weather that feels a lot different. Fifty degrees felt cold to very cold two days ago. Sixty degrees felt warm yesterday, but today feels cold. On the one hand, that must mean it's right around the human comfort zone. On the other, simpler explanations are also at hand. Two days ago it was windy, while yesterday was sunny. Today is sunny, too, but I didn't take my walk until the sun was coming down and I had to pass through a lot of shadows.
    Similarly odd is moving from environment to environment this time of year. The house is basically cold and dank. Outside is pleasant (daytime) or chilly (nighttime). The car is cold until I get going, and then because it's basically a greenhouse on wheels, it's too hot. Can't win, can you? Sorry about another content-free blog entry, but you were warned. Hey, no bad news from Dadville, so at least there's that! Due to the last home college football game, I couldn't visit him today either, but I'll be back on the job tomorrow. Sister is coming down early for Thanksgiving, so that'll be fun, too. Yay!