Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dream movie

    Last night I had an ultra-weird dream even by my standards. Let's see if I can remember much of it. I was in the usual vast dormitory-like place. This time, though, my dad was there, too. Generally, it was a college dormitory, but apparently there was a nursing home attached. My dad had just been reassigned to a new room which was a leaky basement under a staircase. His bed was in a non-leaky section though, and they had sent along an extra mattress and box spring in case this set was uncomfortable.
    In real life, it was raining at the time, which might explain the rain in the dream. What I don't understand is why I kept hearing machinery noises; at approximately 6 on Sunday morning, there shouldn't have been any of that around. Anyway, in the dream, I had some extra sisters, all of whom were busily trying to get Dad into a private home.
    I wandered out to another room, where a movie was playing and I fell asleep. I thought I heard Robin Williams and identified the movie as "The Best of Times," a movie real John has never seen. Rapidly though it turned into a Richard Gere-Billy Crystal vehicle, wherein the two stars trade families and apparently communicate telepathically (even in Yiddish) with the new families. Even in the dream, this struck me as weird.
    There were a couple of strict old ladies, one of whom wrote me a bill for $7 for the movie. I was outraged, saying she should tear it up, that I was asleep during the movie. Then magically the movie turned into a meal. Stuffed flounder, I guess, but all I remember was the stuffing, which was all crabmeat and shrimp. Delicious! Suddenly I wasn't mad anymore and thought that they should charge me more, but for the seafood (which was still somehow part of the movie) and not the Richard Gere part.
    I hardly ever get to eat in a dream and it's hardly ever good if I do. The last time I remember doing so it was a gluten-inflected dream where I was eating pizza and then remembered that I can't. I don't remember any good dreams about food. Moreover, when I woke up, I badly needed the bathroom. I had been wishing that my brain could come up with some other approaches to waking me up in that situation other than having me dream about looking endlessly for urinals. If this is that solution, I hereby embrace it.
    Also also, in real life 35 years ago, Andy Durham and I and the daughters of the families we were staying with in Mulhouse, Alsace, France went to see "Days of Heaven" (Les Moissons du Ciel, or something like that) with Richard Gere. Can't speak for the girls, but Andy and I snored through it. Just a coincidence, no doubt.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Must be the comfort zone

    I got nothing, I'll admit it. However, I have been puzzled the last couple of days by wondrous weather that feels a lot different. Fifty degrees felt cold to very cold two days ago. Sixty degrees felt warm yesterday, but today feels cold. On the one hand, that must mean it's right around the human comfort zone. On the other, simpler explanations are also at hand. Two days ago it was windy, while yesterday was sunny. Today is sunny, too, but I didn't take my walk until the sun was coming down and I had to pass through a lot of shadows.
    Similarly odd is moving from environment to environment this time of year. The house is basically cold and dank. Outside is pleasant (daytime) or chilly (nighttime). The car is cold until I get going, and then because it's basically a greenhouse on wheels, it's too hot. Can't win, can you? Sorry about another content-free blog entry, but you were warned. Hey, no bad news from Dadville, so at least there's that! Due to the last home college football game, I couldn't visit him today either, but I'll be back on the job tomorrow. Sister is coming down early for Thanksgiving, so that'll be fun, too. Yay!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Yes he really did

    In the ultimate reversal of parent-child roles, Dad really did call me last night for a drink of water. Now I'll say again that I freely admit that I may be in denial about his condition. But still, he had had a long day. What wound up happening yesterday with regard to his gall bladder drain tube (which had fallen out) was that the hospital decided that he was asymptomatic and just left it out. What with transportation and waiting for same, this wound up taking nine or ten hours. So I guess he had a right to be a little tired and confused.
    Not that confused; he just couldn't find his call button. Anyway, he asked me to call the nurses's station and ask them for a cup of water and I did. They assured me that they would deliver, and also put his call button within reach. We were well pleased that his hospital trip turned out unexciting and are hoping that he continues to be asymptomatic and can do without the yucky gall bladder drain tube and bag. And that he got his drink of water.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Another minor disaster we can live with

    I got a call this morning from one of Dad's nurses that his drain had fallen out and so they were sending him back to Baptist Hospital to get it hooked up again. This is not the same as before; it didn't fail, but just fell out. There's no surgery involved this time. She thought that he would be back there this evening.
    Assuming all this turns out to be the case, I'm relaxed about it. Compared to the alternatives, I'm practically giddy about it. I'm sorry Margaret and I don't get to visit today. Hopefully, next time we'll remember the way. I think I forgot to mention that we park in a new place, that it's a bit of a hike to his room, and it's fairly easy to get confused, though hard to get too lost. The sight lines are good, I mean.
    It is a little nerve-wracking waiting to hear anything, and not knowing. Is the hospital going to keep him? Is he getting food? Will he be back in time for dialysis tomorrow? I'm optimistic and hope for the best, but I'd rather know than wonder.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

If I don't walk, I forget to write

    That's it. That's the whole blog entry. Thanks for stopping in.
    No, but it's true. I habitually put off writing until I've taken my walk, in hopes that it might provide ideas, clear my mind or at least give me something to complain about. With this very cold weather, my desire to go out walking does not match that of my young cat Harry. (He has a much nicer fur coat, after all.) Today I went to both Walmart and Lowe's and to get a simple floor lamp, a light bulb and a filter for a replacement humidifier, I must have walked a couple of miles. I decided that that was enough walking for anybody. More to the point, I had to make supper, which took a while.
    William and I brought Dad a new lamp to make his room brighter, but we missed getting to visit by 10 or 20 minutes. As it's dialysis day, this wasn't a surprise. His missing phone had been found and he has a loaner TV now, so all is about as well as it can be.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


    So they moved Dad to the long-term care area today. It went smoothly enough. The new room is more spacious than I was thinking, though smaller than the one he was in. It's also pretty dark; I'll have to go get him at least one floor lamp tomorrow. The social worker said they would loan him a TV until we could get him one, but word of that didn't filter down. Anyway, he says he can live without a TV.
    Weird thing was that he called both Margaret and me after he had been moved using his main cell phone, the one that he can use most easily. But although we could find the backup one easily enough, the main one was nowhere to be found. Calling it just got an immediate "Call ended," as if the battery were dead or the phone is switched off. We figured it was probably in the wheelchair with him, but we couldn't find it there. We alerted the staff at least, so they'll look for it when putting him to bed.
    We really like the staff in the new section, but of course we liked the staff in the old section. A good bunch all the way around, it seems. When we arrived, they had taken him down to the Activity Room where a bingo game was happening. He sat with them, but didn't play, but nor did he seem to mind. After bingo wound down, I asked about the TV in the room and they said we were free to watch, so we did until 5. I rolled him back to his room pulling the oxygen along no problem.
    The young man who brought Dad's supper didn't have any idea what to do with the tray table in relation to the wheelchair. I didn't either but had the advantage of knowing that he'd eaten from one while in the wheelchair before and figured it out pretty easily. I'm not sure how much he ate, but it seemed tasty. (Barbecue ribs sandwich, fries, ice cream.)
    Other funny thing: I figured we needed chairs and that although they would lend us a couple, these would likely be uncomfortable. So I stopped by the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They had a dozen or more matching office chairs that were unusually comfortable. I got one for $7. Left the price tag on; hope it stays there!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Guilt by transference, football edition

    South Carolina has gotten another coach fired. We have made somewhat a tradition of it. It seems like every time we beat a favored home team, that school fires the coach. Truthfully, though, the only two I remember for sure are Philip Fulmer and now Will Muschamp.
    It was certainly an astonishing game. After three straight games where SC was leading in the fourth quarter by two touchdowns and then somehow managed to lose, this time they were playing staunchly and stoutly and still were headed to another loss. However, they blocked a field goal and then a punt, a man recovered his own fumble in the end zone for a tying touchdown and then they won it in overtime. Two days later, I'm still charged up about it.
    But all I wanted to say about firing of coaches was that sure we aren't Alabama, but we always put a lot of guys in the NFL. Sometimes our record isn't that great, but we've always had more than our share of bad breaks. Maybe these schools ought to wait a bit and think about it more and then fire their guy after he loses to somebody else. Come on! I feel guilty. (Granted not very. What a game!)