Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mr. Hamlet and his car

    My friend Walt found me a couple of used Toyota Avalon hybrids on One was very very low mileage; that one has since sold. The other one also has quite low mileage. The Carfax report also says it had an accident just before being traded in to the dealership. The report offers no details. It does say that there was no major damage. Presumably it was a fender-bender and the person just traded it in rather than deal with it. But I would be more comfortable with more information. I'll probably follow up on trying to get a mechanic to look at it tomorrow. I'm still pretty confident that it's the car that I want. Just not as confident as I was before looking at Carfax.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Where do I know your face from?

    I was at Stepping Stones thrift store on Two Notch when a shorter grey-bearded black gentleman passed me, turned, and said, "Where do I know your face from?" I told him that I had been about to ask him the same. I asked if he played jazz anywhere, since most of the people I know tangentially seem to be musicians of some kind or another, but he said no. So I said, "Dialysis place?" and he said yes. It was funny to find myself being a little nostalgic about that place. It wasn't really an awful place, and people were generally friendly and uniformly supportive. But it was dreadfully boring. Nevertheless, it was nice to see one of the nicer people there.

Monday, May 2, 2016


    My lips and tongue have gone numb. I am hoping that this is due to changing supplements from a B-vitamin complex only one to Publix' imitation of Centrum Silver. The latter lists all ingredients, none of which should contain gluten. But nowhere on the package does it say "gluten-free" (like my B complex does). Also the problem dates from a couple of days after I started the new vitamins. So I've switched back, and most sincerely hope that sensation returns very very soon. On the whole, I'm very tired of having a body that lets me down almost every day. I swear I didn't used to be this old. Oh yea-eah.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Perfect game!

    I think I mentioned that a month ago, we were in Charlotte where a restaurant somehow failed to return me my debit card. The next day I called the bank and asked them to cancel my card and send me a new one. They assured me that they would. Weeks later (after the requisite 7-10 business days), I asked at my nearest branch and the Personal Banker told me that nothing had happened. Not to worry, though, HE would cancel the card and have a new one sent. After another 7-10, I got sore annoyed and called the bank again. Turns out, they HAD sent the card when I asked the first time; it just went missing in the mail. Personal Banker had done nothing he had said he would, or at least nothing on my account. This is the same guy who mislaid my telephone number when I was trying to get a fax to be able to do my taxes, eventually causing me to have to pay Office Depot $5 for the same service when it turned out to be the wrong fax. (Not his fault that time.)
    I don't want to say the Personal Banker's name; it might be unfair and ageist to someone as young as Andrew. (Oops!) The lady at the help number is overnighting the card to my other nearest branch (not Andrew's) and also put my correct phone number in the records so they won't have to write it on a fugitive piece of paper next time. I was glad to find one competent person in the bank hierarchy. It won't be enough to make me stay, but it was nice to find one.
    Meanwhile, Tamara is feeling much better. I hope it is long before she has migraines again and hope even more that it's never. Crossing all fingers and toes.

Saturday, April 30, 2016


    Tamara is suffering from migraines, starting the middle of last night and again early this afternoon. I am absolutely powerless to help and hate it infinitely. I gave her backrubs which at least reduced the tension otherwise, but do not kid myself that it helped at all with the headache. I can only hope that they go away on their own. She's trying to sleep it off, which as I understand it usually helps. I hope it does this time. I only ever had one migraine: saw a white light, threw up, slept for hours, felt all better. I hope that finally happens for her. But I'll certainly give backrubs for whatever help that may represent.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Sometimes I forget

    I believe I mentioned it at length last year when I bought very expensive arch support insoles (Superfeet) and subsequently had a lengthy period of adjustment before they became comfortable. But they did and I had significantly less back, foot and leg problems than usual. Lately, my back has been acting up a lot and more recently feet, calf and thigh trouble has turned up. So I bought new Superfeet. I was surprised to find that the ones I bought last year were actually for minimally flat feet. They have much higher ones! However, the problems I was having during the adjustment period were not in the area of the insoles feeling too low but too high. So I can only imagine what the Superduperfeet insoles are like. Regardless, since last year's model worked well eventually, and for a year, I bought the same again. And the point to all this is that they worked so well that I forgot that I'm flat-footed. When my back and neck, etc. started acting up, it took weeks for me to think of it. Which I suppose is an endorsement, isn't it? Hoping for quick relief and a quicker adjustment this time. Also put the old ones in my backup shoes. Hey, they cost $60; even a year old it has to be better than nothing, right?

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Beat maker

    Forgive it please if I've blithered about this before, but I think that was a different app and a different phone. The iPod has been misbehaving lately. At first I thought the battery was shot, but now it appears that the problem is that it's showing a full battery when it's not remotely full. When I leave it plugged up for long periods, I get battery life like I had before. I think. I'm going to try leaving it away from charging all night tonight and see if it drains itself again. Hope not!
    Regardless, when I hit the trail with a discharged iPod, I sought out other music sources. On THIS phone, I have a beat maker app (called, you'll never believe this, Beat Maker). Usual thing, you pick your instruments and pick when you want them to play over four bars repeated endlessly. This time, they're all percussion instruments. Then you get to play along on one of three synth basses. And what I found out the other day and don't think I knew before is that if you play any array of notes using any time signature or randomly, once you've gotten through the four bars, Beat Maker fits your notes into its time signature. Meaning that a three year old could suddenly be Chris Squire. (Better, since you get away from the whole being dead part.) I was best pleased. You would be amazed how interesting four bars repeated endlessly can be, a point I believe I made when I blithered about another app. And it's free!