Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jackson Browne show

    Yesterday's blog post today! Before heading to the Jackson Browne show, we formally agreed that if the show was bad at all or if our fellow attendees were again obnoxious, we would bail and come home. No on one and yes on two, but we stayed all the way and enjoyed it all. It was odd how many of his big songs that he didn't do, such as "Here Come Those Tears Again," "Boulevard," "That Girl Could Sing," "Lawyers In Love." I would have liked to hear "The Fuse" as well. But everything he did was terrific. He did one song that isn't on any record, another that's on his most recent record but which he didn't write. It's by a singer/songwriter very popular in Cuba but unknown here. On the whole, he came across as a very decent guy, and perfectly willing to do requests called out from the crowd. We dug it.
    The Township is still not our favorite venue. We learned a valuable object lesson, though. The expensive seats for the Moodies offered a great view, but we couldn't hear them well. The cheap (actually free) seats offered ok sight lines and we could hear perfectly well. If we ever return, I think we'll go with the balcony. But I seriously doubt that we'll return.

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