Tuesday, May 31, 2016


    We've been watching Game of Thrones in recent weeks, starting from the beginning. For a while there, we were able to restrain ourselves and watch only one or two episodes per night. We've sort of lost our minds, though. Saturday night, we watched three episodes. This resulted in stiff necks and we swore we wouldn't do it again. That sure lasted! After Jackson Browne, we watched another three episodes, going past midnight for the first time. Last night, we did it again, but stopped before midnight at least. We're about halfway through season 4 (out of 6). So we'll be running out of episodes fairly soon, there being only ten to a season. We dream about it. We talk about it in the night. No doubt we'll be joining a 12-step program soon. (No we won't.) We do try to throw in a light comedy now and then. Game of Thrones is excellent on many levels, but zany it isn't. We're seldom bored with it, though.

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