Saturday, May 14, 2016

Please sign and return

    When I was buying the car, the finance guy at the dealership tried a number of lenders to swing me a car loan and I tried USAA. All turned me down, which I understood. Now all are sending me written notice that they turned me down, which I could easily live without. USAA told me at the time that I didn't need to have insurance with them to get a loan, which I didn't particularly need to know since I do in fact have insurance with them. Now they've sent me a letter which they want me to sign and return acknowledging that they have informed me that I don't have to buy insurance from them (which I do anyway) to get a loan from them (which they've already turned down). And you know? I think I'm going to make an administrative decision and not bother signing and returning. I'm sure it's required by some law; I'm sure all the unnecessary and unwanted notifications from the assorted unwilling lenders were required by some law. I'm just saying I could live without it.

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