Friday, May 13, 2016

Open again!

    After two years, three months, the elevated boardwalk at Congaree National Park is AT LAST open again! Just in time for fly season, when it's really needed! I'm so thrilled it's ridiculous. Saw it on Facebook and (invited Tamara first then) immediately set out to hike it. It still has that new boardwalk smell!
    Bad news is that all the roads southeast of Columbia are being worked on at the same time. I wasn't aware that we're Duluth, but apparently it all has to be done at once to beat these brutal winters. So Bluff Road is closed and you're shunted on to Old Bluff Road. That isn't a problem because that's the normal route to the national park. Unfortunately, it's being worked on, too, to the extent that half the road is dirt for a significant distance and the speed limit is 10 mph. Ouch. I got out again via a circuitous route involving more road work of course. Still glad I made the trip, and can't wait to bring Tamara. As I say often in these situations, it was good to be home.

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