Friday, May 6, 2016

Mr. Hamlet's bank also indecisive

    For future ref, line up the bank loan first. Then select the car. Picking the car first pretty much means paying for it all. Oh! Only if you have no credit record. Not so much to say. I was told to come in after noon to finish up the transaction. I tried to get a loan through USAA over the phone, but the guy I talked to didn't get the part about me opening an account first and so it was turned down. I stopped by my bank to see if they would do me a loan; the personal banker was very encouraging.
    To make a long story short, they were busy and she didn't get back to me until roughly now. I had long since gotten fed up and just wrote the check. The whole point to the enterprise was to GET me a credit record. I can still do a title loan (from the bank, not one of the skeevy storefront operations) but I'm fairly fed up. However, I have a kicky almost new car belonging entirely to me with quite low mileage. So there's that.
    Last fun thing was the business guy Jim trying to sell me an extended warranty. I told him I was sure it was a great idea, but I couldn't write a bigger check and I just. had. to. be. out of there. Ironic when they're trying to hammer more money out of you by running down the reliability of their own product. I think I can live with the decision.

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