Monday, March 30, 2015

Dad's marker is up

    I was expecting to be bummed out about it, really, but I am very well pleased. It's very nice indeed, for one thing; I'm pretty sure he would have liked it. And I guess the long wait before it was installed allowed for a lot of settling and getting used to the idea. I mean, I had something in my eye for a minute there, but in general I felt pretty good about it. And the flowers Margaret put there before the marker was put in are still there and gorgeous and helped, too. So yippie yay, it's there and it's a good one. A picture will be added for non-Facebook folks at the merest hint of a request.
    Other things are falling into place a bit, too, but as usual I can't talk about that so much. What I can talk about is Dad's 2014 taxes and my almost total lack of desire to do them. But after all the stuff I've handled so far, I kind of think I'll be able to manage them. Or anyway an extension request. So long as I don't have to sign my full name. I had to do that the other day and it's really hard! (Middle initial is usually my limit.)

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