Sunday, March 29, 2015


    I don't know if it's my autism spectrum disorder giving me heightened sensory powers, but the urinal cakes used in public restrooms make me more than a little crazy. This would be OK if it was happening when I was actually visiting the restrooms in question, but my problem is when I'm twenty, even fifty feet away, and on the other side of a closed door, or often two. Now in a restaurant, this is extra disgusting, as smell affects taste so strongly (like we all were supposed to learn as children by tasting a chunk of onion and a chunk of apple while holding our nose(s)). The restaurant where this happens weekly is about to close for a few days to renovate and change its name; I'm hoping they chuck out their urinal cakes, too!
    More astonishing, though, was a new and gigantic Goodwill that we visited the other day. The scent from the deodorant cakes nearly knocked me down from 30 feet away through a closed door. Obviously at the restaurant the scent isn't that annoying or I wouldn't keep going back, but this experience made me scared to return. I just don't understand why anyone would think that a scent so repugnant would somehow be an improvement. Not that I'm a fan of the scent of urine, but this is worth. As I'm pretty sure that the scent is also masking napthalene, I seriously doubt that it could be healthy. And what I'm wondering about is am I the only one or does everybody hate this? I'm thinking about taking up smoking to blunt my sense of smell, to tell the truth.

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