Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dank food

    The monsoon is again approaching, so don't be surprised if I go away in mid-sentence this time. In this metropolitan area, there's a bar where I was once in a slight beef with the owner. I thought it was all pretty funny or at worst weird, but he was pretty chuffed up. Eventually, all retreated to neutral corners and nothing came of it. It appears that his place is now out of business. I'm not feeling any noticeable schadenfreude about this, just a mild interest. So I looked up their Facebook page. In general, nothing about it is changed but the last entries, a month ago, are looking back to "our last days at (name of bar)," so one infers that they are indeed gone. I went to their About page, which as I say looks as if they were still in business. But you get to the end and they say that they have a pool table and "dank food." Say, I think I know what your problem was there!
    Of course, this being me, I have to try and figure out what they were actually trying to type there. "Bar food" makes sense and would be accurate, but that's a pretty tough typo to make. I have to consider myself puzzled unless there's something I've never heard of called "bank food." I guess I'll never know.

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