Thursday, August 13, 2015

Drinking Liberally goes on

Drinking Liberally goes on
    So I went to the Young Democrats' version of Drinking Liberally, which is WAY more successful than mine and was suitably impressed (and said so!) And I explained why they couldn't call themselves Drinking Liberally, which they understood perfectly (and agreed to change the name), and I passed along the info about actual DL. Nobody really wanted to take over for me as host for official DL since they wanted to continue proselytizing (which is harder to spell than I would have thought) for the One True Party. So I will be carrying on as host for DL, but maybe I'll have some nice young Democrats turn out.
    Here's a major silly silly. A store called Ollie's Discount Outlet (like Big Lots, but goofier) sent around a circular saying they had $60 quadcopters. I went and looked and saw nothing, then looked at the circular and found that the items weren't supposed to be in the store until Thursday. So today I went and looked again and still found nothing. Crazy thing is that I don't even want the darn thing. The picture looks like a copy of the quad I already have and OK if that were the case, I would probably go for it. But Internet searching suggests that it's actually a useless styrofoam drone that breaks upon each landing. If this is the case, I just want to see it to giggle and point. Which, come to think of it, is why I generally go to Ollie's anyway. They have some wacky items. Today's top selection was a purple shag steering wheel cover, which I NEED!

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