Sunday, August 2, 2015

Experience NEVER triumphs over hope

    How wrong can you be? I note first that compared to the great issues of the day, or even the tiny ones, one camera on one quadricopter doesn't rate at all. But then it's also as important as the universe. The difference between the brain and the heart, if you will. Because for all that, logically, the loss of a camera that produces good shots no more than one out of ten times should be at worst negligible and frankly a boon. The drone flies better and I don't have to worry about those silly pictures that never come out.
    In fact, it sucked about 90% of the fun out of the enterprise. I'd go high, high, high and think, "I wish I could get a picture from up there!" and be sad that I couldn't. Knowing full well that the pictures would have been in the wrong direction or with the wrong lighting or too slanted or too whatever. Hope adds a lot of spice to life and I have hardly any at the best of times. I went to get Krazy Glue to reattach the loose wire on the camera, but this didn't restore it. (I don't think this reflects on my Krazy Gluing skills; I think the camera stopped working before the wire came loose. I'm slow, but I think I would have noticed a loose wire.) My mind says let it go. It's a camera only Walt Whitman could love. (Lots of shots of Leaves of Grass.) But I'll probably order a replacement camera. Heck, it was a quadricopter with camera that I was looking for in the first place; experience hasn't changed that either.

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