Saturday, August 8, 2015

Drinking Liberally

    The local Young Democrats are calling their weekly happy hour get-togethers Drinking Liberally. Having been the host for years now of the Columbia Drinking Liberally group with next to no success, I should be bitter about this, but I'm pretty thrilled. The only problem is that Drinking Liberally is a non-profit and thus can make no endorsements, nor can it be affiliated with any political party. I'm optimistic, however, that I can make them understand this, but that if one of them (as an individual, not a YD) would step forward as host, I'd be happy for them to take over as the new Columbia Drinking Liberally group. And I would be free! Free! Hahahahahahahahaha!
    Out here in the county, we switched two years ago from a recycling basket to a recycling rollcart, but the city has just gotten around to catching up this week. Someone I know who shall remain nameless thought that it was just a new rollcart and they would be taking away the old ones. I explained about the new one being just for recycling. Well it's confusing, isn't it?

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