Monday, August 3, 2015

Oh THAT'S why I kept putting it off!

    I'm finally dealing with the paperwork for Dad's Keogh. It is a flaming nightmare on wheels. Their Inheritors Services staff strike me as really nice, but overwhelmed. One put me on hold for ten minutes and then called back while I was talking to another person on the staff. She seemed surprised in her voicemail message that I hadn't been willing to stay on hold that long. (This was at least another 15 minutes later, so heaven knows how long I would have been on hold.)
    However, the second person I talked to was much more helpful, so this nightmare may be coming close to the end. I better write my instruction letter while I still remember the shorthand I used. Still, I wanted to mention one more thing: last night I dreamed vividly about spending a year in Russia. The dream mostly revolved around restaurants where I never seemed to get served and trying to decide whether to visit St. Petersburg. But then I was wearing a Who t-shirt and an official was telling me that I couldn't ask people their opinion about The Who but I could ask about Russian bands that sounded like The Who. Strange even by my standards!

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