Friday, April 17, 2015

New Bangkok

    I have no idea why this amuses me. Maybe it's more a neat bit of problem solving that appeals to me in a way that feels like humor; I don't know.
    Ages ago Walmart came here, of course. They set up in their own giant strip malls. Generally speaking, they have abandoned those strip malls (largely killing them) and moving down the road or across it to new bigger super duper digs. Out Garners Ferry Road, the Walmart moved across the road, but the old mall didn't quite die. It's not thriving exactly, but it's still there. One tenant was the Bangkok Restaurant, and it hung on doggedly. I had some bad experiences there because the lady running the front was kind of a nut, but only stopped going there because I stopped living anywhere nearby.
    After about ten years, Bangkok Restaurant finally moved across the street to the new walmart's new strip mall. And that should have been all, really. But lately, I noticed that the old Bangkok Restaurant now has an added sign, making it the New Bangkok Restaurant. Internet searching says that the cook from the old restaurant has come back to open this one, and reviews are generally enthusiastic. So we're going to go check it out. Alas, they don't help with my main problem with this town's Thai places, that they close on Sundays, since this one does, too. But if they can manage a decent green curry, I can probably forgive it.

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