Monday, April 6, 2015

Will the miracles never cease?

    Oh it's nothing. At his death, Dad had a largish credit balance on his Discover card. I called to report his death and they said no problem, that they would send a check. I guess I should have asked when. What annoyed me wasn't so much the wait but that they kept sending bills with a credit balance, which suggested that they weren't doing squat. Anyway, today I got the check. Granted, it's made out to Dad, deceased, c/o me, which strikes me as a tricky one to deposit. I mean, if it were going to my account, that would be no problem, but it needs to go to the estate account. Then again, what could be more appropriate for an estate account than a check that says the recipient is resting in peace? I'm sure I'll find out tomorrow.
    Meanwhile, the AAA Atlanta Braves are kicking off their season in Miami, where it's pouring down rain. The Marlins' stadium has a retractable roof and the fans, such as they are, are not best pleased. (During the rain delay, the Braves broadcasters are taking the opportunity to talk to the GM about why he traded his best players away. Reading not very far between the lines, he pretty much flat said yes, we're the AAA Braves now. But hey, we'll be great in a couple of years!)

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