Thursday, April 16, 2015

Somewhat less blue

    In case I haven't mentioned it, I'm not the world's biggest fan of grey, rainy weather. We've had a lot this week. And it's still only Thursday! Moreover, while I get through TurboTax without actually breaking anything, it was a very annoying, frustrating experience filled with cusswords and I really needed to decompress.
    Put these things together, and the only reasonable move was to head to Congaree National Park. There, rain doesn't bother you (or me anyway) as the canopy keeps nearly all of it off you and grey weather is acceptable because it can make for better photography. And the clean air helps.
    I felt a lot lot lot better while I was there and went off to Papa Jazz to purchase marked-down jazz records, which also helps morale. However, being back here is a major drag. I don't think I've suddenly gotten unhappy with my lodgings in the last day after six years. So I suspect it may be the air quality, or just the dankness. I'll be vacuuming a little later which will help with the former. The chilly weather should be gone tomorrow or the next day which should help with the latter. As I keep saying, if you live in South Carolina, it feels foolish to complain about cold, cool or any kind of temperate weather at all considering how hot it's about to be. So I'll try to dig feeling cool later in the year than usual. Still, it looks like my decision early in life to rule out Seattle as a possible place to move to was probably one of my rare smart ones.


  1. Just thought I'd tell you it's 62 degrees and sunny today in Seattle. Not that you'd care or anything...

  2. Well yeah; three or four months of the year I'd definitely lived there. Ditto England. Just gotta make that billion!