Friday, April 3, 2015

Not complaining

    But yes, I would like some dairy-free fake cheese with this sulfite-free whine. Really, though, I'm not so much complaining as still reeling in shock. It occurs to me that one of the disadvantages of not being poor anymore is that I actually have something to lose now. So whereas before, I wasn't risking much by flying nekkid as regards, say, health insurance, now I'm risking much more. When my net worth topped out at about the price of a fairly nice late-model used car, that was one thing. Now it's more and (am I being vague again? Yes!) that's quite another. Ditto life insurance, ditto not having a will, ditto I'm sure a dozen other things that I'll be finding out sooner or later.
    This grownup stuff is a drag. (OK, so I AM complaining.) No wonder I stayed away from it for so long!

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