Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Why waltz?

    (I as usual have important money stuff to talk about, but can't, so you get this. All apologies.) I've never been a Strauss boy, and never thought I had any interest in the waltz or waltzing. But I'm gradually finding out that some of my favorite rock songs from over the decades are actually waltzes. I find this somewhere between alarming and embarrassing, and can't really figure that out either. I guess because The Blue Danube became somewhat less cool as the years passed. I guess.
    It doesn't help that my favorite songs aren't exactly too many other people's favorite songs, so citing examples isn't going to help a lot. Three that leap to mind (you can probably find them all on YouTube if you're curious) are "Change Partners" by Stephen Stills, "When You Make Up Your Mind" by Gutterball and "The Slim" by Sugar. The latter to me always sounded like a seaman's shanty, but more recently I think I pick up the strong ONE two three. If I'm wrong, though, I won't be too surprised. Counting is hard!
    What puzzles me mainly, as I am the least dancin' of all Dantzlers, is why this beat makes me want to dance. Having at most two feet, I don't see why a three-count would inspire them to get moving. My best guess is that the strong ONE sets one off, and the other two counts give your feet the simplest thing to do. Maybe. I don't know. Anyway, they all make me much more inclined to dance than did The Blue Danube. Perhaps waltz technology has advanced with the discovery of the electric guitar. Or perhaps everybody becomes a waltzing fool after age 50. Makes as much sense as anything!

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