Wednesday, April 1, 2015

They are! They are! They really are!

    So a year and some months ago, in February I think, there was a severe storm in the area. It had little lasting impact except for severely damaging the elevated boardwalk at Congaree National Park, which has been closed ever since. (The boardwalk, that is.) It was supposed to be repaired last summer, but that never happened, so when this spring rolled around and it was still closed, I was starting to give up hope. How happy was I then when I found that they really are starting work to rebuild it? Very!
    People not living in this area code might not understand. This state is basically a big cleared swamp. In metropolitan areas, the mosquitoes are under control; out in the country, not so much. At Congaree, I never really had trouble with mosquitoes. It isn't that they aren't there, but rather that the flies are so annoying that I never got around to being bothered by the smaller set. (However, if you ever stop at all, you can get eaten by mosquitoes. That's why I never stop.)
    In the summer, which is half the year around here, this gets to be a real problem. However, the elevated boardwalk, even though it is only elevated five or ten feet, seems to confuse the flying bugs. It makes for a substantial improvement, and makes it possible to visit practically year-round. (Not for nothing is there a Mosquito Meter at the Visitors' Center that goes up to 6: War Zone, though.) Without that elevated boardwalk, they might as well close by May. It'll be great to have it back. Hopefully by May!

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