Saturday, May 9, 2015

Don't taunt the tropical storm

    For a while there, we had a tropical storm off the coast of the state and here 100 miles inland it was perfectly beautiful, if breezy. Now it's overcast and a glance at the weather radar confirms that these really are the outermost bands of the storm. However, nearly all forecast models suggest that the storm will skirt the coast, rain all over Myrtle Beach and Wilmington, but leave us almost totally alone.
    But I don't want to push our luck! So I won't mention that I liked Ana better when her last name was Ng. Nor will I make fun of her for not being able to drop any rain a mere 100 miles from her center. Nor point out that even the National Weather Service can't spell her name. Because it isn't nice to fool with Mother Nature and it's unwise to piss off tropical storms. (Seriously, best of luck to all on the firing line. Hoping, hoping, hoping that this is another one that produces much less damage and flooding than is forecast. Over the years, eastern North Carolina has had enough.)

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