Saturday, May 30, 2015

Drone people

    I met my first fellow dronians. It was more than a little bit of a relief, as I was starting to wonder. Here I am playing with the best toy ever and nobody seemed to be taking a blind bit of notice. Granted that I'm grumpy and mean looking at the best of times, but it's a freaking quadcopter! Geez! Anyway, a couple were at Canal Park with a quadcopter somewhat larger than and upmarket from mine. Monsieur was much more charged about it than madam. I broached the topic (since I had no visible drone) by mentioning that mine was in the trunk of my car. I was worried about the proximity of the river and told him so. He said that that's what makes it fun, when it gets dangerous. I saw him flying later; he was much better than me, but he wasn't exactly skimming the river either (although he was way closer than I ever got).
    I took mine to Earlewood Park, where there's a very well-kempt ballfield that isn't secured in any way. As I wasn't goint to do any harm, I didn't feel guilty (though I do feel white-privileged) about invading. It was, of course, crazy-stupid fun. I also did some flying in a clearing in the neighborhood, where I freed Droni Moroni from a tree for the third time. (Jumped up, grabbed a branch, shook it down.) Yesterday late in the afternoon, Paul and I flew it a while at the Horseshoe at the University, where there are way too many big trees. That was the second time I got Droni out of a tree. We tried throwing Paul's flip-flop but we're the worst throwers ever, so I just flew it out of there, which was way more satisfying. Also impossible if it had been any worse ensconsed, but sometimes heaven favors its idiots with luck. This was one of those times.

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