Friday, May 22, 2015

Why don't people TELL me when they do a lobotomy?

    Better day than the last two, but not a high-function day. My bank is still not giving me a lot of satisfaction. When the bank machine ate my card and I threw the ing-bing, the young man assured me that the new card they would send me would work with my old PIN. They sent it, but the other half of the prediction was overly optimistic. I tried to buy gas using it as a debit card and was turned down.
    This is the lobotomy part. I was halfway from the gas station to my bank branch when a guy in another vehicle gestured at me. He told me that my gas cap was on my trunk. The lobotomy part is not that I left the cap on the trunk; the lobotomy part is that I couldn't and still can't remember taking off the gas cap. I usually wait to do that until after the business with the credit card. Brain leaked right out of my ear!
    At the bank branch, I had to wait for the guy with ATM expertise to finish a phone call, but somehow managed to stay frosty. The last time something like this happened, I had to go to two or three branches to find a working put-in-a-PIN machine, but this time it worked no problem. And all was well. Or anyway better. I can't help but think, though, that it wasn't my imagination that that guy at the Trenholm Road branch wasn't terribly competent. Still, it was a glorious, gorgeous day and I have not thus far lessened the world cat population any further. So there's that.

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