Sunday, May 3, 2015

Registered trademark

    I saw a book at Goodwill entitled, "Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of Fungal Infections" and the title was followed by the circle-R registered trademark symbol. I wanted to know and still want to know if the title was the registered trademark or were the fungal infections? It seems like a fair question. Are loads of people ripping off the title (or the fungal infections)? This just doesn't seem to be a problem I can imagine coming up that often. If anybody is curious, interested or doesn't believe me, I did take a picture (like I was going to remember all that) and would happily share it at the slightest provocation. But yeah, I got nothin'.
    I got nothin', part 2: all this cooking experimentation kinda rebounds on me when something actually turns out well and I didn't keep any kind of notes on how I made it. As I think I said, I bought Ian's (brand) Italian-spiced Japanese panko breadcrumbs (which I'm still not making up) to make fried chicken with because that's what the recipe said. But I found it a weird flavor combination at best, and anyway I don't eat the skin on fried chicken so it was a waste. So I used the rest to make pork scallopine, which came out much better. I mean, not cordon bleu (or the Italian equivalent) but better than Stouffer's and also gluten free. I think I could wing it again equally successfully. But perhaps I should return to being a little more methodical in my cooking.

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