Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Scattered showers all over my daily walk

    Given the situation in Texas, I reiterate that I am NOT complaining about the weather. We are very lucky not to be under water. It's just odd that on a day when there seems to be very little rain, sporadic and brief, it decided to POUR the minute I tried to take a walk. And it rained every time I got into or out of my car going to or from a store. I started feeling like that character from L'il Abner whose name I'm not going to try to spell but who always had a rain cloud over his head.
    When I got home, it was gorgeous, but of course it clouded over within minutes. We have more important things to worry about where I live, although I don't know if it made national news. A gasoline tanker was involved in a fiery 10-vehicle accident on the main commuter route into and out of town this morning. The interstate was closed for hours although amazingly it's open again already. Equally amazing, no one has died at least as of yet. Pretty alarming stuff, makes me even gladder than usual that I don't commute. I'm not sure if the weather was a factor or not.

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