Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Finally true

    Recently, I claimed that I put cloves in everything I cook, just for humorous purposes of course. Unfortunately, then the claim became true. I made my polenta lasagna for lunch and reflexively put in cloves. Ummmm, let me just say that you probably won't want to do that. It wasn't terrible or anything, but nor was it exactly great. I tried to cover with extra oregano, basil and garlic, but no go; I could still taste the cloves. Premature senility is a terrible thing.
    Meanwhile, the weather has become gorgeous and warmer, too. It isn't springlike exactly, but it's getting there. So I'm going out hiking as soon as I'm cleaner. (Allergies have me on Benadryl and thus sleeping half the time. I hope fresh air will help. Harry the cat seems to feel that way; he's been gone for hours.) And this blog now has 36,000 views all time. Huzzah and thank you! Pretty neat on the five year anniversary.

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