Sunday, February 21, 2016

Really, I just want to see my email

    As usual, I had a number of topics to write about today and forgot all of them. I was inclined to write about the movie "The Witch," which Tamara and I saw last night. (Summary: two or three good scares. Otherwise dull. Why you would spend years researching 17th century speech and language just to wind up with a family talking like Yorkshiremen is beyond me, but there you go.) And then there's the problem with finding some kind of loveseat Tamara and I can sit on to hang out and or watch TV. Papa San chair just doesn't cut it for two, but nor can I find anything that I like. Comfy chairs for two must be something no one has invented yet.
    However, the pressing item is the usual thing: the phone's Internet hotspot and the laptop refuse to communicate with each other. This time, it's reached the point where I could only learn that I have three emails incoming, but I can't see them. Let's try again! That's got it! As expected, none of them were anything gigantic. (I mean literally. Of course every email is of greatest importance.) Just TMobile and or Earthlink being a pain in the butt. The usual thing in other words.
    Other subject line idea: "Jeb?" Jebby we hardly knew ye. Or maybe we did. What depresses me is that he wasn't rejected by the Rs because he's too crazy, but because he isn't crazy enough. Sad.

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