Sunday, January 10, 2016

Can't. Stop. Grinning.

    Woke up this morning-- boy, this is going to be the worst blues song EVER! Woke up this morning and the sun DID shine. To me, the view out the windows was the usual grey/white light, but the phone said the sky was blue so I looked better and in spite of great drippiness, the skies WERE blue. So I fed the rotten stinkies, made and ate breakfast and the skies were still blue and the temperature was reasonable. So I got my butt out the door with TOOOOOOOOYYYY!
    I only went by the quarry because the rear windshield was too fogged to make doing a three point turn advisable. Truthfully, what I learned this morning was not to try shooting or videoing between 8 and 9, because the light really isn't good enough. But there had been nothing in the forecast about there being any clear skies today at all, so I figured I had better grab the chance. I did get a cool picture of the skyline from there and some interesting video. (If you aren't on Facebook, this would be a good time to join up, wouldn't it?) Then I went to recently flooded and closed Granby Park to get some shots near the rail trestles. That was just a tiny bit nerve-wracking because the tree cover there is truly awesome, but I found a spot where I could safely go up and down and Toy performed like a champ. Skyline pics from there were even cooler; other shots suffered from poor morning light but were still cool by me.
    It's hard to convey: the new toy is much less running-around-like-a-little-kid-giggling fun than the earlier ones were. They were fun because they were unpredictable and hard to control. This also limited the length of time that they were fun since one kept finding trees, one only flew twice before finding one overhanging a 30-foot-high warehouse, and one came crashing from the sky for no (pilot-error-related anyway) reason. This one goes straight up. It comes straight down. It shouldn't be any fun at all, but I'm totally goofy about it. It takes great pictures and I can see what I'm doing as I'm doing it. Apparently that's all I need. An hour later, I STILL can't stop grinning!

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