Saturday, January 2, 2016

Oh, the rain stopped

    The rain stopped but it was much cooler today. Not cold or anything, but just cool enough to be a problem. That's hardly cold at all, more like slightly not warm. You see, the firmware on the new quadcopter required an update or it couldn't be flown in temperatures less than 20 degrees Celsius. This is to say 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Not that it would blow up or anything, but there might be a problem with the battery. As the battery is half the cost of the thing, problems with the battery are to be avoided.
    DJI apparently set out to create a foolproof firmware update, but they underestimated our foolishness. They said to connect to WiFi. The copter has WiFi. So I thought, fine, that was easy. But it wasn't; it wouldn't work. They should have said, "connect to WiFi other than the copter, it's closed-circuit, stupid." I needed something from Whole Foods so I downloaded the update there. Ran errands, got home, updated the firmware on the controller and copter, which caused many annoying noises but no disquiet otherwise.
    By then, it was getting to be late afternoon; I wanted to recharge the copter but I also wanted to fly and check out the camera. The cats had their own agenda. They wanted wet cat food but it was early for that. So I am so darned nice that I only flew about five minutes each in two locations, shot 19 pictures and came home and fed my damnable cats. Pics would be spectacular with clearer skies; they were damned fine as is. I can't wipe the grin off my face. TOOOOOOYYYYYY!

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