Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Well it's been a year

    Dad died a year ago today. I'd like to say something deep about all the personal growth I experienced in that year, but I don't think being dragged kicking and screaming into further adult responsibilities (or whining and moaning anyway) strictly speaking qualifies. The fact that I did carry them all out, however grudgingly, reflects at least a little well upon me. Not surprising is how much I still miss him every day. What a great fellow he was, all the way to the end!
    In other events, I finally picked up the tickets I won months ago for the Jackson Browne show Monday. The lady at the radio station's front desk asked me for my address, which I thought needlessly cruel on a cold morning. I couldn't have told her on ten guesses. Should have just handed her my driver's license (with my address AND my picture) but it's also on a tag on my keys. Anybody else would have taken that off years ago, but I know myself.
    Also I found another receiver (the stereo component, not somebody who fences stolen property) at Goodwill, this one $9, and unlike the $2.75 one, it works. So I'm refamiliarizing myself with my 5-disc CD changer, which isn't as awesome as it seemed in the mid-'90s, but is still pretty awesome. The Fisher speakers are dizzying. I guess my mission should be to get on Amazon or eBay and put together a system worthy of them. But Goodwill hunting is kind of fun in a masochistic sort of way. So perhaps I'll keep at it.

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