Friday, January 8, 2016

STILL love those crises which turn out not to be

    Oh nothing. No really, I'm not just being passive-aggressive this time. Harry the cat wasn't eating yesterday, which was worrying since normally I worry about him eating the furniture or stray body parts of mine. Not that he has ever tried, but the message I am trying to convey is a voracious appetite wrapped in a tabby pelt. The moggy who ate Pittsburgh, if you will. So Harry off his feed is a little scary. Strictly speaking, it didn't even last one full day; by late yesterday he was begging for food again. So I am a relieved fella. Not that he wouldn't benefit from a trip to the vet; not that slightly-listless Harry wouldn't be a lot easier to get to the vet than the usual dynamo he is. But even better that none of that was necessary.
    We had rain this morning, which I think scared everybody after all these months of deluge. (Usual disclaimer that I fully understand that the Midwest has and has had it worse.) The rest of the day has just been chilly and cloudy. So no fun for flying, but no call for Noah either. So far. The weekend is young!

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