Friday, January 15, 2016

Deep pockets

    Having been raised by wolverines, I didn't learn much about how to dress myself and having been raised by cheap wolverines, I didn't learn much about fine, or even very good, clothes. So I had to be told that if the front pockets on your jacket don't seem to be there, it's best to investigate. For reasons that aren't obvious to me, our finer clothes manufacturers sew the front pockets shut. (Don't want disgruntled employees leaving chewed gum in there?) So I have a very fine blue knee-length woolen coat which I was starting to hate because of what I thought were fake front pockets. Now I can love it again. Yay!
    What's funny is that I bought it secondhand. I also have a bunch of blazers, or rather suit jackets without the pants, also bearing designer names or brands and also featuring front pockets that need cutting open to be used. (Not that most people use the front pockets on blazers, but still.) What cracks me up is that since they're secondhand, apparently I'm not the only one who didn't realize that the pockets need to be cut open. Lot of folks raised by wolverines up in here, so it seems.

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