Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lawyer stuff

    A more useful subject line would have been "Dad's Trust is no more," but that sounds so sad! I went to our lawyer's office and signed my name eight times or so. Funny thing about that was having to use my middle name, which I haven't written in cursive but maybe five times since I used to practice it in the earlier part of elementary school. My signature looked very second grade, too, but it improved over the eight times. I guess I should have asked for a blank sheet and practiced, but hey, childish though it might be, it is my signature. So Dad's house and his farm property near Swansea now belong to the five of us. Taxes on the former are high and on the latter are low. I guess we'll cope somehow. And I'm half the trustee I was yesterday. I think I'll cope.
    It was another beautiful flying day. I'll try not to yammer on about it, except to say that 50 degrees is indeed way more fun than 40. Also the app, the software or the firmware aren't operating too well. Got a warning saying Disconnected, but no indication what was disconnected. GPS? The compass? I'm hoping it fixes itself when next I power up. Otherwise Toy might indeed not live long enough to see me registering with the FAA.

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