Thursday, January 7, 2016

Good heavens!

    No, literally! It seems like forever, but it was more like three days. We got clear, temperate weather again, clearer and temperater (which I assure you is now a word) even than before. So I sent toy up as far as a beginner is allowed to go, 300 feet. I could take it off Beginners settings at any time but a) I AM a beginner and b) 300 feet is as high as a 30 story building, which we don't have any of around here anyway, and seems quite high enough.
    The pictures were only limited by stuff like the usual "don't point your camera at the sun" thing. Otherwise, they are fairly magnificent. Would be magnificenter (you heard me) if I would edit out warehouses and stuff in the foreground, but I kind of like them the way they come out of the camera. Quite a difference from the earlier toys, where I would take 60 pictures in order to get two that were any good. It helps a lot being able to see them (more or less) on the phone screen. Anyway, color me happy with the magnificent new flying machine. I'm starting to get confident that it will last long enough to require me to register with the FAA. I'm perfectly happy to do so if I continue to keep toy out of trees and off buildings. Its flight is so predictable that I'm getting increasingly confident that that will happen.

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