Monday, January 4, 2016

Careful what you wish for

    That is, be specific what you wish for. I finally got the clear day I had been dreaming of for drone flying. However, I forgot to mention that it would be nice if it weren't windy. First thing, practically, I went out and flew a bit in the neighborhood. Although it was windy, I had no problem flying. I did have a slightly exciting time when the drone's app crashed. The drone didn't though; the app doesn't have a lot to do with flying it, only taking pictures. I landed and the app reopened no problem.
    Later, after lunch, I tried flying at the nearest boat landing in hopes of photographing how high the river is. The winds were nerve-wracking, however. If I had more experience with toy, no doubt it would be no problem. It's not like trees were blowing down, bending over, or even waving in the breeze noticeably. But I wasn't comfortable and bailed. The same thing happened at the Horseshoe, the scenic part of the University. There the hazard is trees, not water. I got n-n-n-n-n-nervous and landed too fast and actually managed to crash the uncrashable drone. No damage except for getting dirty as far as I can tell. Knock wood, anyway.
    I know a lot of places I can fly where wind isn't a problem, but with such a kickass camera it seems sad to go to non-picturesque places to fly. I know intellectually that I need practice and starting out in safer places is best, but I can go there any time it's too overcast for interesting photography anyway. It's not fair! I'm holding my breath until I turn blue! Or get a pony! OK, I feel better now.

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