Monday, March 21, 2016

A reappraisal

    Mind you, I will never be a fan of retailers offering MVP programs, preferred customer programs, or anything of the type. Just lower your prices for everybody is always my advice. However, I finally figured out what the clerk at Pet Supplies Plus was trying to tell me when I got peeved and blogged about it the other week. The idea is that if I give them my Pet Supplies Plus Preferred Pet card (I swear I'm not making this up) every time I buy regardless of whether or not there's a discount, then they'll know what I'm buying and put it on discount more frequently. And of course, the only drawback to doing so is getting an email that I don't want and can easily ignore. That in turn only annoys me because I repeatedly told their site ONLY ONE EMAIL PER MONTH. This, however, reflects more on the central office in Michigan than anyone here.
    Still, what annoys me about these programs in general is that the companies are enlisting me without pay to do their market research for them. As such, I have a feeling that they would get better cooperation if they gave a $1 discount on every Preferred Pet card transaction above and beyond any sales prices. Then they could even send me email about it every time. Are you listening Pet Supplies Plus?

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