Saturday, March 26, 2016

Some things work out

    For sad reasons that I'm not going to mention, we suddenly had to go to Charlotte. I didn't know how long I would be gone nor when I'd be able to feed the cats. Normally, I feed them four times a day, twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. This was noonish, hours before either afternoon feeding. I solved this by giving them all their afternoon food at once, and solved the problem of Harry tending to eat it all by leading him outside with his food first, leaving Amelia inside with her food. They ate it all and neither seems to have suffered any ill effects.
    After the sad part, we found ourselves in a major city with a wealth of interesting restaurants to choose from and more appetite than we expected. We went to a Latin place, seemingly Colombian, specializing in rotisserie. It is called Pio Pio and we highly recommend the chicken. Also the jalapeno sauce. Not that there was anything wrong with anything else, but those two things were insane. Chicken tender beyond belief. So even though the reasons were sad, we had about as nice a time as you can have under the circumstances. Cats have been rewarded for being relatively good with an extra small can of cat food.

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