Monday, March 28, 2016

Further perils to gluten-free living

    Of course, I've blogged about this already, so the "further" is unnecessary, but it had a nice rhythm. "Unexpected" had one syllable too many and anyway the fact that I've blogged about it before makes that word not terribly applicable either. This is about licking envelopes. There's usually gluten in the envelope glue, so celiacs aren't supposed to lick them. As most billing parties provide return envelopes and often there's even coding preprinted on them which supposedly speeds them on their way, I generally just use them, moistening the flap with a damp paper towel.
    However, sometimes there is no envelope and if I have to go buy some, I prefer the self-closing kind with the strip of paper you pull off of the glue. I bought some at Staples a while back (and whined, moaned and blogged about it) and today, having finally run out of those, tried out Office Depot. The latter didn't have any small packages of envelopes (I don't use many) but what they did have was a sale. So I could have gotten 50 envelopes for $17, 45 for $10, or 100 for $7. As I recall, the expensive ones were the non-security type and the cheaper ones were the security type. Go figure. So although 100 envelopes is likely to be a lifetime supply for me, I went for the latter. I know that this is nothing earth-shattering. I was just bewildered by the crazy array of prices. And pleased to be able to make it work for me.

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