Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Charlotte adventure, card edition

    I can tell you now (could probably tell you before, but showed discretion) that we went to Charlotte because one of Tamara's rabbits was dying, that it takes a vet with special training to put a rabbit to sleep, and that the closest one on Saturday afternoon was in Charlotte. It was a sad, sad day, and Tamara is still sad to lose Grace, but we made do. One has to eat, so we determined at least to eat well, and as I said ate at a wonderful Colombian rotisserie chicken place called Pio Pio. However, by that evening, I found that my debit card had stayed at Pio Pio. By the time I learned this, they were closed. Next morning, I talked to the bank, and they recommended cancelling my cards (I had a duplicate, with which I bought gas when I found out that card #1 was missing) and they would send a new one. Bank lady confirmed that there had been no transactions other than the ones I had made, though. I made an ATM run and then the deed was done.
    Since then, we ate the leftovers, which were if anything even better than at the restaurant. Thus we are definitely absolutely going back, if not sooner then when we see Steely Dan and Steve Winwood in July. But I suspect we'll pay in cash...

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