Saturday, June 13, 2015

Impressing the small fry

    Yestereve it was hot and everything, but I had a lot of battery on the drone and I had somehow persuaded Harry to come in the house so I figured I would go down to the vacant lot at the end of Ohio Street and try to improve my mastery of the flight controls again for a little while. Before I quite got there, a guy living across the street from the lot asked, "Hey! Is that a drone?" I said yes and I would show him and he brought out his little girls. I think he was drastically more interested than they were, but they liked it, too.
    He turns out to be an enthusiast about R/C helicopter flying, so he's a natural to join the drone people. He also reminded me that there's a baseball field at Pacific Park across Whaley Street, or less than a mile from here. I went this morning and it was a blast, except to some degree literally. That is to say that it's windy. New horizons in complaining about weather: I never noticed it was windy in Columbia until I started droning. Also the camera didn't take any pictures even though I thought I had shot more than a dozen. I tested the camera when I got home and it works. Gotta hit the button harder I guess.

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