Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Topic topic topic

    Yesterday's topic that I forgot was easy to remember once I drove past the same place. I've already made it a Facebook status update, but you know I can blither further on it.
    There's a marquee at a business on Huger Street (if you don't live in Columbia, just don't ask; I'll answer in a minute anyway) that reads "Train station trainers needed." As with all great mysteries, once I figured it out (will probably take you under a second), it was no longer as funny, but for a day there I was delightfully puzzled. My first instinct was to call or drop by and ask what it meant. My second was that it was so delightful as a perplexity that I never wanted to know what it meant. My third was to call and ask if they offer training.
    Of course the explanation almost has to be that there's a gym opening called Train Station and they need trainers. But darn it, I liked it so much better being puzzled! As to Huger, it is a Huguenot name. Many French Huguenots (protestants, if you're not keeping up) settled in Charleston, and we've been mispronouncing their names for centuries now. Apparently, Huger St. in Columbia was pronounced like "more huge" until late in the 20th century. By the time I came around, there was a movement to pronounce it like U.G. My suggestion that the street signs be taken down and replaced by a single really really huge G has not thus far been taken seriously, nor has my idea that they change the name to The Street That Is More Huge. I guess they would have to widen it first.

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