Thursday, June 25, 2015

On the bright side, I can't crash it

    My friend Bruce came around with a soldering iron and changed out all four motors on the old original drone. I also changed out the propellers. It goes like crazy now, except for up. I also noticed that the remote was behaving strangely. Since I have two now, I got an extra set of batteries (for no sane reason except that the battery life indicator on the first one might have been wrong) and tried it out, and the controls worked (or failed to work) exactly the same way. I can only assume that one of the crashes led to something burning out on the motherboard. I'm probably just crazy enough to buy a third bottom of the line drone. Maybe I'll hang something heavy on it so it can't fly away this time. Or station people with the second and third remotes some distance away in case it flies out of my range. The possibilities!

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