Monday, June 22, 2015

Old year resolution

    Or new fiscal year resolution. I have a strange tendency to window shop, or rather browse, at thrift stores. I spend a lot more time there than I spend money. Every now and then I find something neat, but not quite neat enough to buy right this moment. Today, I paid (or failed to pay) the price. Two items that I was sure were so crappy that nobody would buy them were both gone.
    One was cool in theory. It was a padded rocking chair. Googling indicated that originally it cost $400. What it was was a metal frame with a (padding filled) cloth cover. Googling also suggested that replacing the cover would be $330. Goodwill wanted $7. It was very badly stained and significantly frayed. I've got a picture, but neither the staining nor the fraying show particularly. If you're curious, search the PuffChair rocker from Chicago Textile Company. I figured nobody would want a beat up, if once valuable, rocker, especially in one day. I figured wrong.
    The other was cool in practice. I didn't decide not to buy it; I just forgot. It was a pair of glasses exactly like mine but smaller and tortoiseshell-free. Only $3. Some damned hipster must have beat me to them. At the rate I'm making my way over to the opthalmologist to get a new prescription, it's hardly a tragedy, but they were very cool, darn it.
    So the new resolution is a simple one. I don't go back. I mean, if I'm in the neighborhood of a Goodwill where I saw something cool before, I'll certainly look in, but I can't make special trips back to check on items that I've already passed up once. My fellow shoppers are just too smart. Today's item I passed up: the book "The Princess Bride." I hear it might be a kissing book.

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