Friday, June 5, 2015

Well I tell you what

    Switching back to my (probably non-kelp) kelp pills from GNC has not resulted in any notable upsurge in productivity, but I am more cheerful and now have a measurable heartbeat, both good things. It occurs to me that what's in the pills most likely is not green powder from leaves from house plants plus iodine from the drugstore down the block like I had been thinking, but more likely green powder from leaves from house plants plus caffeine. Still, if it works, it works, and so long as I can sleep at night I'll probably stick with these. Especially if an upsurge in productivity happens.
    As to the other kelp, Nature's Way capsules, I don't know anything about that company's reliability or trustworthiness. Assuming that they're trustworthy because the people I bought them from are is a little tricky since GNC, which I've already said I don't trust a lot, sells this brand, too. But for argument's sake, say that the capsules contain kelp equivalent to 2 1/2 times the daily requirement for iodine. It occurs to me that it might not be in a form (iodide, I think it is) that the body can use. Anyway, my body didn't seem to be using it for a darn. Maybe I'll just throw the whole idea over and join the rest of the world in drinking coffee with breakfast. Only two problems with that: 1) I don't like coffee; and 2) it gives me cramps. Oh well, GNC for me!

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