Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Topic topic

    I had a great topic a minute ago but completely blanked on it. You would have loved it, too, it was that great. Oh well. On the other hand, if I'd tried to record it in some way while driving (where I was when I thought of it), I would probably be a statistic, so you can take some solace (hopefully) in that. I'll probably think of it again the next time I'm driving.
    One topic I used before was silly car names with Limited or Special added to them, but I took a different slant. Now I'm noticing how many have Limited in the name but really shouldn't given the main model name. Ford as I mentioned last time specializes in this. Escape Limited, Expedition Limited, etc. Do these guys never ask anybody if this is a good idea? (Another driving inspired idea, of course.)
    The week here is supposed to be dominated by rain, so flying opportunities may be, well, limited. This morning I had two instances where I told the drone to shut down and it wouldn't. (In other words, I pushed the throttle control all the way to off but could still hear the motor whine.) Terrible twos, I suppose. It did shut down eventually, but I'm now expectiong to have it fly away forever rather than fly into a tree forever as the end experience. I just hope that everybody who wants to see it or play with it gets a chance to first.

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