Sunday, June 21, 2015


    The bring down the (Confederate) flag rally yesterday was quite wonderful. I am assured by people who understand the ins and outs of the General Assembly that actually getting it down will be nearly impossible, but lots of nearly impossible stuff happens every day. Less than 10 years ago, we would have said that about same-sex marriage. The rally was a great feel-good moment, a time to heal and a good start. Hopefully, the next one, July 4th, will be even bigger and will bring results. Considering the weather though and limited publicity, turnout this time was great.
    Sorry if this is extra brain dead; I think the heat is finally catching up to me. I just flat fainted listening to baseball, got up, changed channels to another baseball team (accidentally at that) and fainted again. Granted baseball is soporific, but this is pretty unusual even for me.
    Sadly, the drone only had one more day's flying in it. My rescue trick, for no apparent reason, quit working. Now it skitters along the ground instead of flying. Kind of cute, really, but not too fun. Not to brag about what a doof I am, but I tried to take it apart just to see if there was anything I could clean out that would help. The first 13 screws came out no problem, but #14 didn't want to go. So before we even get to issues with a possible soldering iron, I have issues with a Phillips head screwdriver. (That's 14 out of 26 screws, by the way. Tiny, tiny, tiny screws.) On the other hand, the price is going down; I can always just get another one!

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