Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Carts, horses

    I probably mentioned already that my brother's car was in my dad's name, so paying his vehicle tax was a little tricky. I went to the DMV early this month and an efficient lady told me (and better, wrote down for me) what I needed to do to change the registration. Problem was that she didn't put them in any order. And one item was to pay the county its vehicle tax. This to me seemed tricky since the car was still in my dad's name; I figured you change the title first, then pay the tax. But today I went to the county and it was all quite straightforward, fortunately. Now back to DMV. Sure to be fun!
    Time Warner can't do anything right even when they do something right. A robocall came in asking me to answer a seven-question survey (too many right off the bat) about my experience. Then they wanted me to rate everything from 1 to 10, punching in a 1 and 0 for the latter. So I tried to. And got the "We're sorry..." and hung up. Time Warner? How about 0 through 9 if you can't handle the 1 and 0 you just asked me for? Seriously, what idiots.

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