Sunday, July 26, 2015


    Or rather, crash crash! Last night was a very lovely sunset. Nailing down my status as Captain Common Sense, I was rushing home somewhat past the speed limit just so I could get my drone in the air and try to get pictures. (Suspense dispeller: the pix didn't come out.) I did get it in the air, but on the way down it intersected with a neighbor's tree. I was never gladder to have a folding chair and 6 foot pole! (I was also fairly glad the neighbors weren't home.) I got it down no problem and undamaged, although I almost stepped on it getting down from the folding chair. So yay!
    Today I went to the diversion dam at Columbia Canal, the far end of what I usually call Canal Park. This is a legal but dumb place to drone, but the pictures might have been pretty. I tried flying from the end of the actual dam, surrounding on three sides by water. I managed to land over land, but... on rocks. A hill of rocks. The drone bounced at least four times. One rotor guard broke, but otherwise it was unhurt. When I got it home, I found the SD card wasn't in it. Paul was a good sport and we went back and searched the rocks, but no go. About this time, I started to suspect that I had forgotten to put the card back in the camera last night after reviewing the photos before the previous crash. And that was the case. Glad I thought to check this before going to Best Buy to buy a new one; glad we didn't waste much time searching. Hey, it was pretty fun. In my heart of hearts, I will still believe that they were GREAT pictures.

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