Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Worst. Spy. Ever.

    As I have mentioned, there's a quarry or two in my neighborhood. Somehow, it's taken me two months almost to send the drone up and shoot pictures down. I thought they were ultracool pictures, but my Facebook friends barely noticed them. (I'm much more popular with fellow commenters on stories by The Onion than with my actual Facebook friends.) Thing is, I have a very good guess that the quarry companies would prefer me not to take such pictures. Other thing is, they're so shaky and blurry that there's no way that they could be used for any kind of industrial espionage, assuming there are any cutting edge technologies in rock quarrying that anyone would want to engage in industrial espionage about. But I will try to resist temptation to take any more pictures (except maybe one crack at a sunset shot) because I'm such a darn nice guy. Oh, and because if a big wind blows up, my drone will be at the bottom of a quarry in a few seconds. But I still say it's ultraneat.
    DMV went very smoothly yesterday, and William is all reregistered and retagged and everything. The new title is coming in the mail; I couldn't think of any argument for paying $20 extra to get it immediately. But kudos DMV!

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