Monday, July 27, 2015

Revisionist history

    Recently, as I may have mentioned, I picked up a scanner for $2.54 at Goodwill. It isn't the best, but it works. Perhaps I'll move up-market someday soon. Back in, as we say, the day, I traveled with no camera except a 110 pocket camera for fear of looking like a tourist. My favorite thing was snapping a bunch of shots as I turned slowly to survey a wide panoramic view and then later matching up the prints to make a patchwork panorama.
    Now these came out looking both cheap and amateurish, but still somewhat cool. Fast forward a few decades. Now I can scan the same prints (even though the HP tends to leave a blue edge on each picture that wasn't there previously) and stitch them together using software. The resulting picture was much too bright, but I could adjust that using the software, too. So now, 25 years later, I finally have an actual panorama of the Grand Canyon. Probably a little better than my patchwork job.