Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yeah, remind me not to do that again

    I went out walking under the hot sun (phone said it was completely overcast) with shades instead of hat, no water and no tunes, because all would in some way or another interfere with dronage, and of course carrying drone and remote controller. And I found that my skills have improved markedly in spite of flying less and less, such that I could take off and land in pretty tight spaces without crashing into a tree or vermin laden underbrush. And I got some OK pictures, but nothing great. Flying up a few hundred feet from I-77 just to take pictures of traffic was probably not worth the risk (or the pictures) but I'm reasonably sure nobody would have been distracted by a pretty tiny drone for a very short time. But no, I won't be doing it again. Dumb in about a hundred different dimensions, but fun in a few, too.

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